Buffalo River Green CarryPRO Competitor Gun Bag 48" Scoped Rifle Slip RubberBase



Buffalo River CarryPro Competitor Rifle Case 48"

The Competitor Gun Bags have been designed for the Sportsman and rifle owners will appreciate this full featured bag.

Extreme Protection For Your Rifle - Features Include:

  • 60mm Wide Moulded Rubber Base With 10mm Internal Foam Padding
  • 10mm PE Closed Cell Foam Padding Inside Each Wall
  • Durable 600 Ballistic Nylon Outer
  • Moulded Rubber Barrel Protector
  • Full Length Dustproof Quality Zip
  • Approx. 9" (23cm) Wide and 48" (122cm)
Brand Buffalo Carrypro 48"
Condition New


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