Pigeon Flapper Mega Flap Pigeon Decoy For Decoying Shooting Pigeon Hunting New

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The Riverside mega flap pigeon flapper imitates a bird coming into land to encourage other pigeons to the area.
Mount a dead bird decoy onto the machine and create the illusion of a bird landing.
Super fast unit giving perfect flapping motion.
This flapper has hooked arms to prevent the wings from coming off.
Back bar to support the tail.
Brand new adjustable ground spike
You will be able to easily insert the flapper into the ground with the very sturdy ground spike included.
Arms = 26cm. Stake length: 45cm.
12 Volt battery required.
Also a speed control and remote controller can be purchased for easy control from your hide.
Brand Riverside Outdoor
Condition New


1 review
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derek marsey

Need part

Spinner connecter to wing movement makes it flap goes in the holes in motor and wing flapper.